11/28/2021 Sunday

$SPY weekly bearish engulfing of prior 2 candles (hanging man and doji) so reversal signal is confirmed. And considering it just rejected off multiple layers of channel resistances, this should be short-term top. Weekly 5/9ema and MACD ready to bearcross so there is potential for strong follow-through if bears decide to take advantage. $SPY (daily) …

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9/5/2021 Sunday

$ES_F (daily) chopping along the channel resistance all week. Momentum slowing down with spinning top daily candle friday which indicates indecision and potential reversal candle. I remain bearish as long as current channel resistance holds $SPY (daily) similar channel as $ES_F along with shorter term channel (orange) providing dual resistance. $SPY 1H head and shoulder …

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7/18/2021 Sunday

$SPY (weekly) Hanging man ((reversal candle) prior week… and as anticipated the channel resistance held with bearish confirmation. Is it a guarantee that we topped? no guarantees in life and trading but its a setup you take with set risk/stop in place. $SPX (daily) how to catch a top reversal. Look for the a breakout …

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7/11/2021 Sunday

$SPY (Weekly, arithmetic scale) closed right at the channel resistance with a hanging man. Potentially signaling the top if we close the week with a bearish candle. If we push further up, we have the 443-450 level that other people are wait for which happens to be the top of the 20 year channel $SPY …

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4/4/2021 Sunday

$SPY (weekly) confirmed breakout above the megaphone resistance on friday. However, RSI hasnt broken out yet so there could be some turbulence. $SPY closer look at the RSI which has 2 trend lines approaching that could act as resistance. Watch for daily candle rejection as we approach these lines $SPY (4H) Short setup: Watch for …

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8/23/2020 Sunday update

$SPX (monthly) approaching parallel channel resistance.. parallel history going back 30+ years. $SPX (daily) closed above ATH on friday. Currently riding blue ascending channel. Watch for dual channel resistance somewhere around 3464 ideally ideally arriving on wednesday to friday. $SPX (1H) I’ll look to short if it rejects at dual channel resistance. $BIDU daily long …

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7/2/2020 $ROKU

Ok one more setup before bedtime. $ROKU (2H) short setup $ROKU (15min) also with short term ascending channel resistance riding into the larger channel resistance and supply zone at 131

6/24/2020 AM

$ES_F (1H) is currently -23 points, good win for those holding $SPY puts with me form yesterday.. and looking constructive for bears following overnight breakdown of H&S and ascending channel. Currently backtesting, if it holds, should see bottom of the sideways channel. Remember always progressively lock in profits.