3/9/2021 Trade review

$ES_F setup from Sunday newsletter triggered.

$ES_F +27 points from the supply zone. How did you play the setup?

As I said in the FAQ writeup… once it chops in 5min, you go to 15min to hold the trigger price with a full red candle or print a green anchor candle. Once 15min chops through, u treat it like any other resistance zone and Look for reversal signal in a higher time frame with less chop (candles)

Here u can see on the 1H thats it clearly manageable visually in the zone. Who is in control? Can easily see the bearish engulfing within the zone following 6 straight green candle uptrend is a reversal. Now look in the lower TF for entry for entry (5min shown below)

8 thoughts on “3/9/2021 Trade review”

  1. Thanks for the analysis. I entered at the first lower high with a stop above it. The second lower high came close but reversed quick. I took profit along the way and got almost at the bottom!

  2. Excellent education here for me. Great to see your explanation of the different time frames and how to use them when identifying an entry opportunity. As a relative novice (and it may be a naive question) – are you only operating with options when relating to opening and closing positions? For instance, on a bearish play such as this, would you simply buy a put option or other bearish option strategy?


  3. This was great…already learning so much as a novice. This may be a dumb question, but how long out (expiration date) are you generally purchasing your contracts? 1 week out…2 weeks out…more?

    1. Its all about risk tolerance, its usually a good idea to get at least a month out on a swing trade in case it doesnt move right away or chops around for a week.
      Basically you can be right but not have enough time and end up losing so if you can take time factor out of the equation, your chances of success drastically higher

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