7/2/2020 $ROKU

Ok one more setup before bedtime. $ROKU (2H) short setup $ROKU (15min) also with short term ascending channel resistance riding into the larger channel resistance and supply zone at 131

6/24/2020 AM

$ES_F (1H) is currently -23 points, good win for those holding $SPY puts with me form yesterday.. and looking constructive for bears following overnight breakdown of H&S and ascending channel. Currently backtesting, if it holds, should see bottom of the sideways channel. Remember always progressively lock in profits.

6.22.2020 PM

$ES_F Approaching 4H RBD (rally-base-drop) supply zone along with descending channel and ascending channel triple resistance confluence at 3125.25 Very high chance we get a pullback there. $ES_F 1H

6.22.2020 AM

$ES_F (daily) We had the bearish close on friday once again holding below short term descending channel. I remain bearish until proven otherwise and will look to short on rallies. $ES_F had a nice move -40 point move down after 3067 support breakdown. I mentioned it was a big level on friday.. however the big …

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6/18/2020 PM

Im not going to post a ton of setups because of monthly opex tomorrow. If you decide to trade, its best to focus on the indices or 1 or 2 charts. Play smaller size than normal. Goal on opex days is to not lose money. Good idea to sit out as well especially if youve …

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