6/18/2020 PM

Im not going to post a ton of setups because of monthly opex tomorrow. If you decide to trade, its best to focus on the indices or 1 or 2 charts. Play smaller size than normal. Goal on opex days is to not lose money. Good idea to sit out as well especially if youve had a good recent run. So I may not be active tomorrow.

$ES_F (1H) pretty much consolidating sideways.

$AAPL (Weekly)

$AAPL (daily)

$AAPL (5min) short setup

14 thoughts on “6/18/2020 PM”

    1. Just FYI, the setups arent triggered for me until they enter the buy or sell parameters I mention. I wouldnt have swung short yesterday. Just like How I closed up $SPY puts as things were neutral.

    1. SPY is gapped up from its own channel and its not ideal entry/chasing at this point. If you played ES off the channel backtest as per plan, it was a +20 point win. So personally, for me its on to the next setup

    1. you can say conrona fears about every chart. Hard to time that so might as well not think about it. TESLA 1H chart Just trading in range. Not seeing a short setup there. BTW I dont look at this newletters comments during market hours so best to ask questions via twitter or email if u need it answered in a more timely fashion

    1. Are you following me on twitter? That breakout trade netted +30 points. Shouldve stopped out on runner on that. And Now we reversed back below the channel for false breakout reversal as I posted on twitter. Also everyone.. I dont plan on checking here so if you need to ask some questions that need to be answers asap.. reply to my twitter posts

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