8/23/2020 Sunday update

$SPX (monthly) approaching parallel channel resistance.. parallel history going back 30+ years.

$SPX (daily) closed above ATH on friday. Currently riding blue ascending channel. Watch for dual channel resistance somewhere around 3464 ideally ideally arriving on wednesday to friday.

$SPX (1H) I’ll look to short if it rejects at dual channel resistance.

$BIDU daily long setup at 118.540

$AXP Long set up. DBR daily demand zone at 93.49

$INTC (daily) Long setup at 46.51

All other nontriggered supply and demand zone setups remain active:



$TSLA (daily) approaching channel resistance within intraday ascending.

$TSLA (15mi) currently in a ascending channel. watch for dual channel resistance.

8 thoughts on “8/23/2020 Sunday update”

    1. Bc we dont know when itll get there or even if it gets there. Its risky to enter ATH breakout with market being held up by 2-3 stocks at this point. I prefer to wait for the resistance or support, supply/demand trades.

      1. Also, if you got long here, where’s your stop? Anything to the daily TL is in play. That’s a lot of risk, especially with options.

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