Lets take a look at $ES_F. We got the monster move off the false breakdown reversal after tagging the .618fib retrace. (setup was alerted on twitter which you should continue to follow)

$ES_F 4H

This is a short term bullish reversal. However Im seeing a potential monster short setup a little further up

$ES_F 4H Ideally this sets up by market open tomorrow which would see price move into channel resistance plus 4H DBD supply zone

27 thoughts on “6.15.2020”

  1. If you compare that move with VXX, that rise is SPY/SPX would coincide with VXX dropping previous demand zone and tagging it’s 50 and possibly 21ema (Daily). So would be perfectly setup for a bounce in VXX/VIX, as well.

  2. One thing that now watching in detail caught my atention.

    I remember you saying on twitter that 0.618FIB was tagged…. I did not notice your 0-100 were from 3231 – 2760… Cause it does also match the 0.618FIB of the major 2174 – 3397 (or 0.382 the other way), and I took it for granted you were referring to that one.

    This is really beatuful… Solid proof of the importance of that pivot.

  3. KPak, Congratulations on your subscription service. Truly appreciate your focus on ES/SPY/SPX here. thank you for the today’s post.

    When looking at your 4H chart…..how do we try to time the move. In other words, since these levels are from 4H chart, could it take 2-3 day or 5-10 days to meet those levels? Just trying to see if I should buy weekly puts or monthly puts to allow time to hit those levels? thank you again, Kal

    1. We dont time the move. Just wait for levels and then go into lower TF and see if theres a reversal setting up. Depends on risk tolerance but u can try to wait for 15min red candle at least or possiblr bearish pattern heading into supply such as a small ascending wedge or channel. Alot of times they react right away so I wouldnt buy a month out unless thats what you prefer with a larger size position if youre worried about theta. If youd been following my public twitter, I try to get at least 2-3 days from expiration. Rarely do same day expiration.

  4. Started following you on Twitter recently, and have been lurking here. I’ve never traded futures (can I short ES in a ROTH?), so I bought some SPXS pre-market this AM based on your chart.

      1. Thanks – I’ll check it out. I’ve mostly just dabbled with stocks on Ameritrade for a while now. Successes have been have been a combo of luck and holding things long term, but I have decided I need to learn as much as possible for real success. I’m just starting to read up on futures, since it seems I could do more outside my 9-5..

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