About my telegram channel

Its an invite only free channel, separate from the newsletter. Its a one way messaging channel where I post my thoughts and trades. Its a quiet space for me to operate with accountability like twitter but without the noise/weak hands/trolls/members to pressure me. Its not a paid service and you cannot get in early by paying. Its separate from the newsletter. I’m under no obligation to show up. Its my free space that I am sharing with those who support me.

Criteria to get an invite:

  1. Have to be an active/current newsletter member. (If you cancel the newsletter, you will lose access)
  2. At least one month from current sign up date. (doesn’t matter if you were previously a newsletter member for a year. Strict one month wait from current sign up date for everyone)
  3. Signing up to the newsletter is not a guarantee for invite. If I find that you are a difficult person or even a troll, you will not get an invite.

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